Scrum is the problem (part 1)

We all know that Scrum is practiced fairly poorly in most cases. There are tons of articles on this categorizing it as “Dark Scrum”, “Zombie Scrum”, “No Scrum”, Scrum-but, etc. etc. and the list goes on. But here is a hypothesis “Scrum, the way it is written, is the problem for why Scrum is practicedContinue reading “Scrum is the problem (part 1)”

What is Agile? The oft misinterpreted manifesto!

‘Agile’ is not a practice. It is a quality of the organization and its people to be adaptive, responsive, continually learning and evolving—to be agile, with the goal of competitive business success and rapid delivery of economically valuable products and knowledge. One cannot do agile, although it is a common misconception that one can. Such miscommunicationContinue reading “What is Agile? The oft misinterpreted manifesto!”