Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company

This article is a book review of the book “Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company written by Jeffrey Rothfeder“. One of the popular techniques in Product Development is the Lean practices codified from the Toyota Production System. Lean’s focus on people and continuous improvement is a key factor in product development extending to frameworksContinue reading “Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company”

What is Agile? The oft misinterpreted manifesto!

‘Agile’ is not a practice. It is a quality of the organization and its people to be adaptive, responsive, continually learning and evolving—to be agile, with the goal of competitive business success and rapid delivery of economically valuable products and knowledge. One cannot do agile, although it is a common misconception that one can. Such miscommunicationContinue reading “What is Agile? The oft misinterpreted manifesto!”