Misunderstanding #1: We need a burning platform for change!

Credit: Pixabay

I attended the first of the series of webinars by Dr. Leandro Herrero. I am a keen practitioner of his “Viral Change” method in context with my other practices including Systems Thinking, Complexity Science (Cynefin), LeSS for organizational descaling.

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Digital Transformation = Systemic Simplification

I am starting a series today called the “Art of Transformation series” – over the next several days or weeks, it will be cover a host of topics that would hopefully paint a wholistic picture of what a digital transformation entails to become sustainable. One that can focus on future problem solving from a customer or market perspective rather than going to fundamental yearly change projects, which essentially never gets you to stable new way of work.

Yes, you do want to become a Digital organization. Whatever your definition of “Digital” might be in your mind, here is a hypothesis that you can wrestle with –

“Simplify all the complexity that are possible to be simplified, so that you are left with only the true complexity that you and your teams can focus on day-to-day”

— Srikanth Ramanujam
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